31 August 2011

Curly curly curly : Tight Perm-style curls

In the pictures from the bank holiday weekend, you can see how much texture and volume my hair has, so I thought I would show you the progress of how my hair held the curls over 3 days and how I made it so curly in the first place.
I think it's just a given that if you have naturally curly hair, you want straight hair and vice versa! So, me having naturally dead straight hair, I always have wanted curly hair. My mom used to have a perm every few weeks and although this has appealed to me, with the bleach that is already on my hair due to highlights, I don't really think it's a good idea.

So, I have had to find a new way of making my hair get those tight permed curls, and these rollers be the solution! I found these sponge rollers on a local market for about 50p a pack (a pack is about 6 rollers) and thought I'd try them out. As you can see, I have bought maaany a pack since then - I think I have around 40 rollers now. I'm pretty sure you can buy these from places such as Superdrug & boots for a little bit more but they are very common, so you just need to keep your eye out! You can also get some from amazon here, but they are currently unavailable atm - get your act together amazon! tut tut.

They are very easy to put in, you take a section of your hair, wrap it around the sponge to the root and then clip the plastic over to keep it in place. The only downside I would say is that it is very easy to get a little dent where the plastic clip has been when you take them out. However, to tackle this problem, you can use little pieces of cotton wool placed in between the clip and hair. No problemo.

I ususally wash my hair on a night, comb some mousse through, rough dry it and put these in straight after drying then sleep in them. After taking them out on the morning, I just tip my head upside down and run my fingers through it to seperate the curls.
And this is the result..

Drum roll please.

I never know what to do with the front as I have a middle parting, the parts around my face are shorter and I hate having little ringlets on my forehead.. it would make people LOL if I went out like it. So I just take the front section and secure it back with a clip.
So, that was on the morning I took the rollers out.
To hold the style I used Tresemmé styling mousse and L'oreal elvive hair spray.

This was on the night, a few hours after. You can see it has dropped a little, but not too much, I'm pretty happy with the result.
I'm sorry about the shizen picture, as you can see I wasn't prepared for the photo, but it's the best one I have to show the hair.

I apologise agaain for the shizen picture, but I didn't plan on doing this at the time of the photo taking :(
However, you can see that after a nights sleep on the curls, they have dropped to more of a sort of touselled curl. when I got up, I scrunched some Vo5 matt gum clay through it to hold the remaining curls and to give it a beachy, messy sort of look, which I must say, does do its job very well!

This is on the night of the above picture, so about 2 days since I took the rollers out. More Vo5 matt gum clay has been scrunched in here, and I think it's holding out quite well. It's just a case of scrunching and teasing it to look like it's meant to be that way, not that curls have dropped out!

And finally, the last day. Where, as you can see, I have added a scarf to make my hair look it's best for how much product and messing had been going on. You can see, it has held up quite well and now looks toussled and more sea-hair-like, but all in all I'm happy with it!

What I'm wearing :
Morgan white linen blazer
F & F at Tesco purple dress
Shoes from Spanish market (seen in the bank holiday photos)
Earrings from Debenhams


30 August 2011

When the light's out, it's less dangerous

What I'm wearing:
Mango red blazer
thrifted necklace, shorts & top
Primark shoes
Courtesy of the boyfriend ; Swarovski bracelet + watch

On a bank holiday it is scarce that we are blessed with nice weather in the Midlands so we decided to get away for the last national holiday of the summer [*sob]. So, this is a collection of the photos from our gallavants in my parents' campervan around the Dorset county. They aren't great outfit photos but I'm guessing you can see enough from them to see what I'm wearing.

I know what your thinking - "campervan..?!" - but it really is a great way of travelling around; there's always a place to sleep and shower, you can move if you don't like where you've stopped and you can park in the middle of the town (or if you're my dad, in the middle of a traffic island. Yes, this happened to be one place we resided for 2 days in a tour of Spain in said campervan)

The places we decided to take ourselves off to were Salcombe, Dartmouth, Brixham and Torquay. WOAH - beaucoup de places!! Oh yeah baby, all in one weekend!
And, from this weekend I have learnt a few things about such seaside towns:

1. There's a dresscode.

Women : Jack Wills hoody + shorts/jeans (preferably of the Jack Wills brand) + deck shoes + messy hair
Men : Check shirt + shorts (also preferably Jack Wills) + deck shoes + sweeping fringe + messy hair

Yeah, we hardly fitted these credentials, as you can see!
2. The indian restaurants are the best in the Midlands
Yes, being midlanders we are spoilt with our authentic cuisine, and on a weekend it is a neccesity to consume a healthy amount of the indian kind, however, they can never live up to the standard our boys set!

3. Unless you have a boat/links to a person with a boat, you don't fit in, heaven forbid if you know no-one with a boat and aren't wearing Jack Wills apparel [*puts backhand to forehead and faints]
None the less, we had a grrrreat (in the words of Tony the Tiger) bank holiday and the weather was actually quite good, I would reccomend any of those places and now if you were to go, you have all the neccessary credentials to fit in!

I shall now leave you in the company of many photos of our delightful weekend!

This was a wonderful idea of my mother to stand on this boat and 'do a Kate Winslet in Titanic' whilst she delegated my boyfriend to the job of keeping watch out in case the owner of said boat came back.
First one just looks like I'm impersonating a baby bird about to try and take off for the first time - not a good look - but has amusement value all the same :)

About the hair - this was day 2 of the hold out of curls. I slept with my hair in rollers Friday night, took them out Saturday and this was Sunday, with some hair gum. I will do a future post on the progress of it so you can see what it was like straight after, how it was over 3 days & the products used. I did love the way it went each day, the texture and volume is really great.
I thought I would add this to show you how co-ordinated me & the boyfriend were, red white and blue, very fitting nautical-esque apparel for a seaside town. This wasn't planned or anything, just pure coincidence, maybe need more time apart, spooky brain wave connections.. oooo

Don't take in what I'm wearing on this one, it's really not one of the best outfits - I didn't pack for any cold weather, I know, how stupid when we were in England! - I just like the way my make up & hair are.

What I'm wearing:
New Look pale pink blazer
George at Asda white t shirt
Ethelaustin scarf (70p! I canny believe it!)
New Look necklace
Thrifted belt & jeans
Shoes from Spanish market
Topshop bag

P.S. Post title - Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana. It was on VH1 classics as I was writing this, VH1 has some a-may-zing songs on, if you're into a bit of the old stuff like me ;)

25 August 2011

Oh, where has the love gone?

After picking my holiday read, 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin', back up recently, the tiny flame of the romance kind has been reignited inside of me.
Being set in the war, there are many letters of love, lust and lonliness and all this begs the question;

"Where has romance gone?"

The internet and technology are amazing and I'm not criticising them for a second, however they do seem to have killed a bit of the ol' traditional romance.

Instead of meeting the love of your life by chance, now its in the hands of sites such as match.com and uniformdating.com (which I'm still a bit weirded out by but whatever, we all like a bit of fireman in our lives). Someone else is in charge of who you are compatible with and who you should, according to statistics, fall in love with. Don't they say opposites attract? I know for definite that that's what happened with me! But the I.T. technicians at the dating sites aren't going to add a filter for 'match opposite interests' are they?

And, when it so happens that we have met our true love, be it through dating sites, uniform fantasies or a chance rendezvous, the method of expression has now become very "modern", if you will. E-mail, online messaging and texts have all taken over our lives by way of convenience and efficiency. Expressing love through hand written pieces is now a thing of the past and it's sad [*wipes tear :'(]. There is nothing more romantic than a lovely, handwritten, perfumed-spritzed letter that expresses love, lust and/or passion.

To try and rekindle that traditional romance, I have asked my boyfriend if he would ever write me a love letter and, as expected, I got a blank expression and "whaaat..?!"
So, I am guilty of the non-romance, and tbh I don't think we ever really will write any love letters, but it would be nice to think that they were still a possibility!

I don't know what's the matter with me this week, I seem to be all loved-up! Not the romantic type normally, me! Maybe some planet has aligned with mine and the moons have changed or some shite that the star signs say :/ LOL.

I would love to know your most romantic moment, though..?

24 August 2011

Do you think our love can make miracles..? I do.

What I'm wearing:
Mango blazer from a market in Spain (5 euros - not that I wanna make you jealous of all the bargain goin on or anything :)!)
New Look striped top
French connection jeans

Shoes from the spanish market - I seem to be wearing these aaaalll the time at the minute. Note to self : must use more diverse range of footwear.
Bangles I think are from the same market..
Topshop bag
Thrifted scarf and belt

Post Title : Quote from one of my faaavourite films of all time 'The Notebook'. I know, it's sad and soppy but who doesn't like a bit of old school romance in their life?! I swear that film has everything; the forbidden love, the kissing in the rain, the 'one-of-them-goes-and-get- married-to-someone-else-and-will-they-come-back' oooh..
Oh how I long for a bit of old school romance.

However, as much as I do long for the kissing in the rain, I think I'd be too concerned about my hair getting wet and getting to shelter rather than standing in it.
It really is wet wednesday, in all senses.