10 August 2011

All Natural

Primark shirt
Dolce & Gabbana thrifted belt

Zoo jeans
Marc B bag
Peacocks shoes

So, I wore this to meet my friend yesterday for afternoon coffee. I think the neutral colours and textures really complement one another.

It's amazing what you can find tucked away in your own little village- I didn't even know we had a coffee shop! They have all the flavours under the sun of coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate...etc. I am glad I'm not at university at the moment though with the chaos around Birmingham city centre- it's really sad and my thoughts are with anyone affected across the country.

I'm still looking for a job since the beginning of July but it doesn't seem to be working out for me! I'm teaching my cousins kids twice a week, helping them with maths and english and teaching them to play keyboard. It's really good money but very tiring. Any help as to the best way of teaching timestables in a fun way?!

Some retail therapy is needed I think!

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