24 August 2011

Do you think our love can make miracles..? I do.

What I'm wearing:
Mango blazer from a market in Spain (5 euros - not that I wanna make you jealous of all the bargain goin on or anything :)!)
New Look striped top
French connection jeans

Shoes from the spanish market - I seem to be wearing these aaaalll the time at the minute. Note to self : must use more diverse range of footwear.
Bangles I think are from the same market..
Topshop bag
Thrifted scarf and belt

Post Title : Quote from one of my faaavourite films of all time 'The Notebook'. I know, it's sad and soppy but who doesn't like a bit of old school romance in their life?! I swear that film has everything; the forbidden love, the kissing in the rain, the 'one-of-them-goes-and-get- married-to-someone-else-and-will-they-come-back' oooh..
Oh how I long for a bit of old school romance.

However, as much as I do long for the kissing in the rain, I think I'd be too concerned about my hair getting wet and getting to shelter rather than standing in it.
It really is wet wednesday, in all senses.

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