25 August 2011

Oh, where has the love gone?

After picking my holiday read, 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin', back up recently, the tiny flame of the romance kind has been reignited inside of me.
Being set in the war, there are many letters of love, lust and lonliness and all this begs the question;

"Where has romance gone?"

The internet and technology are amazing and I'm not criticising them for a second, however they do seem to have killed a bit of the ol' traditional romance.

Instead of meeting the love of your life by chance, now its in the hands of sites such as match.com and uniformdating.com (which I'm still a bit weirded out by but whatever, we all like a bit of fireman in our lives). Someone else is in charge of who you are compatible with and who you should, according to statistics, fall in love with. Don't they say opposites attract? I know for definite that that's what happened with me! But the I.T. technicians at the dating sites aren't going to add a filter for 'match opposite interests' are they?

And, when it so happens that we have met our true love, be it through dating sites, uniform fantasies or a chance rendezvous, the method of expression has now become very "modern", if you will. E-mail, online messaging and texts have all taken over our lives by way of convenience and efficiency. Expressing love through hand written pieces is now a thing of the past and it's sad [*wipes tear :'(]. There is nothing more romantic than a lovely, handwritten, perfumed-spritzed letter that expresses love, lust and/or passion.

To try and rekindle that traditional romance, I have asked my boyfriend if he would ever write me a love letter and, as expected, I got a blank expression and "whaaat..?!"
So, I am guilty of the non-romance, and tbh I don't think we ever really will write any love letters, but it would be nice to think that they were still a possibility!

I don't know what's the matter with me this week, I seem to be all loved-up! Not the romantic type normally, me! Maybe some planet has aligned with mine and the moons have changed or some shite that the star signs say :/ LOL.

I would love to know your most romantic moment, though..?


  1. I've wanted to read Captain Corelli's Mandolin ever since I first went to Kefalonia and I've just never got around to it. Would you recommend it? Nice blog by the way :) xx


  2. Oh yeah definitely! It's a bit heavy to get into at the start but once you've got through the first few chapters you really get into it. You definitely should read it, especially if you've been there, it's made me wanna go to visit. Thank you for your comment, nice blog too!:)