30 August 2011

When the light's out, it's less dangerous

What I'm wearing:
Mango red blazer
thrifted necklace, shorts & top
Primark shoes
Courtesy of the boyfriend ; Swarovski bracelet + watch

On a bank holiday it is scarce that we are blessed with nice weather in the Midlands so we decided to get away for the last national holiday of the summer [*sob]. So, this is a collection of the photos from our gallavants in my parents' campervan around the Dorset county. They aren't great outfit photos but I'm guessing you can see enough from them to see what I'm wearing.

I know what your thinking - "campervan..?!" - but it really is a great way of travelling around; there's always a place to sleep and shower, you can move if you don't like where you've stopped and you can park in the middle of the town (or if you're my dad, in the middle of a traffic island. Yes, this happened to be one place we resided for 2 days in a tour of Spain in said campervan)

The places we decided to take ourselves off to were Salcombe, Dartmouth, Brixham and Torquay. WOAH - beaucoup de places!! Oh yeah baby, all in one weekend!
And, from this weekend I have learnt a few things about such seaside towns:

1. There's a dresscode.

Women : Jack Wills hoody + shorts/jeans (preferably of the Jack Wills brand) + deck shoes + messy hair
Men : Check shirt + shorts (also preferably Jack Wills) + deck shoes + sweeping fringe + messy hair

Yeah, we hardly fitted these credentials, as you can see!
2. The indian restaurants are the best in the Midlands
Yes, being midlanders we are spoilt with our authentic cuisine, and on a weekend it is a neccesity to consume a healthy amount of the indian kind, however, they can never live up to the standard our boys set!

3. Unless you have a boat/links to a person with a boat, you don't fit in, heaven forbid if you know no-one with a boat and aren't wearing Jack Wills apparel [*puts backhand to forehead and faints]
None the less, we had a grrrreat (in the words of Tony the Tiger) bank holiday and the weather was actually quite good, I would reccomend any of those places and now if you were to go, you have all the neccessary credentials to fit in!

I shall now leave you in the company of many photos of our delightful weekend!

This was a wonderful idea of my mother to stand on this boat and 'do a Kate Winslet in Titanic' whilst she delegated my boyfriend to the job of keeping watch out in case the owner of said boat came back.
First one just looks like I'm impersonating a baby bird about to try and take off for the first time - not a good look - but has amusement value all the same :)

About the hair - this was day 2 of the hold out of curls. I slept with my hair in rollers Friday night, took them out Saturday and this was Sunday, with some hair gum. I will do a future post on the progress of it so you can see what it was like straight after, how it was over 3 days & the products used. I did love the way it went each day, the texture and volume is really great.
I thought I would add this to show you how co-ordinated me & the boyfriend were, red white and blue, very fitting nautical-esque apparel for a seaside town. This wasn't planned or anything, just pure coincidence, maybe need more time apart, spooky brain wave connections.. oooo

Don't take in what I'm wearing on this one, it's really not one of the best outfits - I didn't pack for any cold weather, I know, how stupid when we were in England! - I just like the way my make up & hair are.

What I'm wearing:
New Look pale pink blazer
George at Asda white t shirt
Ethelaustin scarf (70p! I canny believe it!)
New Look necklace
Thrifted belt & jeans
Shoes from Spanish market
Topshop bag

P.S. Post title - Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana. It was on VH1 classics as I was writing this, VH1 has some a-may-zing songs on, if you're into a bit of the old stuff like me ;)

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