22 August 2011

Everybody's looking for something

New Look pale pink blazer
Thrifted cream lace top- actually my moms, but I'm allowed to kind of steal it if it's in a pile of never worn, never will wear clothes, yeah? I think so.
Miss Selfridge pale green shorts- bought on Saturday for £7 (reduced from £32) in the sale - oh, I love a bargain!
Nude wedges from a market in Spain for about €10 and they're unbelievably comfortable
New look bangles
Thrifted necklace

Post Title - Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics.  Really reminds me of American Pie: The Wedding. How much do you just want to learn the whole routine of the dance-off between Stifler and Bear?! Oh my god, so much! A great megamix + those a-ma-zing camp dance moves = perfect entertainment!
The song also has a pretty great/creepy video which involves orchestra instruments, farmyard animals and facemasks and also seems like they've just worked out how to edit videos, but not for the better.

So, I am officially a member of "The Cankle Family". I have always known that my legs are certainly not my best feature, being the place any unhealthy substances I intake make a beeline for, but for a while, I've been in much denial. Seeing my legs in shop windows and such like has made me think "they're not that bad!" but these photos confirm it. I do have the dreaded 'cankle'. And whilst it's quite a nice feeling to think that I have something in commom with Cheryl Cole and Mischa Barton, I wish it could've been something different! Y'know, the luscious locks of Cheryl would have been a much more satisfying feeling.
To be honest, I do know and I don't know why I have them. It does run in my family, unfortunately for my future children (if I have any), with both my parents sporting the look (my dad worse than my mom, strangely) but at the same time non of us fit the typical Englishman stereotype of sitting watching tele whilst eating chip shop takeaway and drinking beer every night. We all live a healthy lifestyle, go skiing pretty often, which I must say REALLY works those buggers, and still are cursed with the unshiftable ankle-fat!

So, after many google searches on how to target them, I think I may have to just get over it. I mean, doing 20 million squats and calf raises each day is no way to live, right?! They will never stop me bearing my legs, as conscious as I may get and no matter what I do, I think they're with me for life. Time to make some new friends, I think :/

P.S. I know I'm not looking the best in the last picture, but I felt it needed to go in as it shows the outfit from a nice angle :)

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